Cretan Cuisine

Crete’s cuisine is one of the best in the world.
The core of the Cretan cuisine consists of food derived from natural sources. Fresh fruit and dried fruits, pulses, endemic wild herbs and aromatic plants, and rough cereals, whose cultivation is favored by the regional climate, are consumed in great amounts and constituted the base of the Cretan cuisine. Dairy products are consumed on a daily basis in low to moderate quantities. Poultry and fish are consumed on a weekly basis in moderate quantities, whereas red meat is consumed only a few times a month. The main supply of fat is effectuated by olive oil, which is used not only in salads but also in cooking, unlike the northern European countries which primarily use animal fat. Another essential feature of the Cretan cuisine is the moderate use of alcohol, mainly red wine which accompany meals. Finally, the most common dessert is yogurt and fresh fruits, while traditional pastry based on honey is being consumed a few times a week.